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Todd awoke to singing. The singing was light and airy. It reminded him of a sunrise. Well that’s appropriate, thought Todd, it’s so early the sun is probably just rising. As his mind grew more awake, Todd realized that he didn’t know where the music was coming from. He checked his radio, as well as his phone. Nothing. He stretched and looked around his room. Nothing in here would be singing, he thought. Todd got out of bed and walked toward his window, thinking that maybe one of his neighbors was playing music. The musicdidn’t get louder as he walked toward the window, and when he opened the window he could tell that the music was not outside.

Todd walked toward his bedroom door, but was hesitant to go out into the hallway. It was still pretty dark, and the rest of his family was still asleep. That always made him nervous to leave his room. It’s only singing, though, there’s nothing scary about that, Todd thought. He opened the door, and could hear the music coming from downstairs. He walked downstairs and followed the music into the kitchen. There, he found the source of the music, but he couldn’t believe his eyes!

The plants on the windowsill above the sink were singing! Singing plants!

How is this possible? There were 3 of them, all gently swaying and singing together. Todd sat and watched them for awhile, trying to understand how and why the plants had all of a sudden become musical plants. Their song faded away after a few minutes, and the plants became still. Todd stayed to watch, just in case they started singing again.

His Dad found him sitting in the kitchen watching the plants. “What’s going on, Todd?” his dad asked.
“What kind of plant are these?” Todd asked in return.
“They’re just little houseplants, they won’t grow too much bigger than they are now. Why?”
“They were singing. I didn’t know plants could sing!” exclaimed Todd.

“Todd, plants don’t sing. Were you dreaming?” Dad asked, concerned.
“No, really, they were! That’s what woke me up this morning!”
“Hmmm…” Dad sighed. He walked over to the sink, grabbed a cup, and began to water the plants. He jumped back in surprise when the flowers started singing a happy little tune! “Holy cow! They must have been thirsty!
I’ve never seen anything like this!”

Dad walked over to the computer and did a quick Internet search. Todd walked over to join him, and they must have read over 20 websites together. Not a single one said anything about singing plants.

“Well, I don’t know how or why it happened, but we are the lucky caretakers of some very special plants!” said Dad. Todd and his dad made sure to take very good care of their singing plants, and enjoyed their songs for many years.
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Answer each question:

1. Retell the story in your own words.
2. How would a different setting have changed the story?
3. What does “hesitant” mean in the 3rd paragraph? How do you know?
4. The plants sang at sunrise and again as they were being watered. When else do you think they might sing?
5. What is another way Todd and his dad could find out if there are singing plants anywhere else in the world?

1. there are plant in todd house plan by his father, 3 of it could sing
2. if this is happen in woods and forest
3. recultant or unsure because of afraid or fear.
4. at morning
5. by searching in internet

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